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guidebookBefore the twins, I regularly went out for dinner, drinks, cakes, you name it. I went there if there was food to be tried.

As a result of this extensive knowledge of places to consume my friend Ellie called me ‘guidebook Laurie’.

When we had the twins last September I quickly realised that some of my favourite places were out the question because of our double buggy. I then started to worry about going to new places with the babies; will the buggy fit, will I be able to feed them without making the Daily Mail, will I be able to get to my table without having to rearrange the entire restaurant and most importantly will I be able to easily deal with poo explosions?

I scouted the internet looking for something to help me. The major review websites just didn’t have the information I needed.

In the end I resorted to always ringing ahead.

Then I had a brainwave, what if parents could share this information with each other easily. Guidebook : baby was born.

I just hope this helps some new parents get out to get the cake (and wine) they deserve.

Guidebook Laurie x


Instagram: @guidebookbaby – https://www.instagram.com/guidebookbaby/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/guidebookbaby/


milknfizzmilknfizz is a website and unique events management company connecting like minded women locally.

We don’t want mums to be isolated or lonely, we want mums to feel part of a community, a community that supports them in their choices as they ride the rollercoaster that is ‘motherhood’.

It’s up to you how you feed your baby, where and how they sleep, whether they have a routine or not, who cares for them and what they eat (and pretty much everything else).

milknfizz has been created to allow you some time to be you, hopefully with a little bit of luxury – whether you’re loving every moment of parenthood or are not doing so okay (which is totally okay by the way!).

Hosting bespoke events featuring expert practitioners, workshops, mama markets, meet up’s & a glass of fizz…. or two!

Join the tribe and sign up to be the first to know about whats going on in your area…


Instagram: @milknfizz – https://www.instagram.com/milknfizz/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/milknfizz.co.uk/