New Mini Series… A Nightmare on Mum Street

So I’ve been a little quiet lately… a combination of surgery recovery and returning to work after surgery.  I’ve got plans though!  For a series of 6 posts based on the “A Nightmare on Elm Street” set of films.

Those who know me outside of this virtual world will attest to my slightly concerning love of the horror genre, but I thought I would harness this obsession in a series of posts about New Mum Nightmares… I therefore give you (courtesy of a more than slightly disturbing Facebook messenger filter) – “A Nightmare on Mum Street”.

A six part series of posts, I will be covering the following:

1. A Nightmare on Mum Street

IMG_4338.JPGThe first installment.  The first things I worried about as a new mum.  In my case, it was temperature and germs


2. A Nightmare on Mum Street: Baby’s Revenge

IMG_4333.JPGPart 2 of the new Mum nightmares – poo & vomit.  Whether you’ve got either 2 on your person whilst out.  How to cope with being covered in one or both of these items whilst out and without a change of clothes (for you or the baby!)

3. A Nightmare on Mum Street: Sleep Warriors

sleep.jpgBattling sleeping routines, naps, controlled crying and associated sleep deprivation… possibly also a reminisce about the other issues sleep deprivation causes and the age old “who is the more tired parent” game


4. A Nightmare on Mum Street: The Movement Master

crawling-2.pngThe panic and worry that comes with your beloved child finally crawling… doing the thing you’ve been willing them to do for months… and then realizing how much easier life was when your wonderful bundle of joy just lay there like a gurgling sack of potatoes

5. Maternity Leave is Dead: The Final Nightmare

workGoing back to work, mum-guilt and associated battles



6. Mum’s New Nightmare

toddling.jpgDANGER!!! Now that baby has become “toddler” – how on earth do you cope with how dangerous not only the world is, but simply your home? Coping with the endless rearrangement of furniture, how I came to terms with how toddler unfriendly my lovely grown up house is and coping with inevitable injuries.

Notes are written and hopefully, hopefully, I will get these up in the next couple of weeks!


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