First ever blog post! Literally, ever!

IMG_7797So here I am… mother of a small human for the first time, blogging for the first time.

I’ve often toyed with the idea of starting a blog but never really knew where to start or what I wanted to write about and so it became a “shelved” whimsy!

Now, I am a mother.  For the first time.  My daughter, who will probably be referred to as BG on these posts, has just turned one.  It has been an incredible year… lots of highs and some very deep lows.  During this time, I have to say my NCT group have been some of my best rocks [along with friends and family of course]!  We’ve had many an entrepreneurial discussion about parenting ideas.

I’m hoping to get started here as The Fish Finger Mum.  A phrase borne out of, I believe, a comment made by Katie Hopkins who derided and condemned any mother who fed their child fish fingers.  There isn’t sufficient time to discuss my opinions on this particular example of a human, that’s for another time, but it got me thinking.  Is it really that bad to “cave in” to convenience?  To find something that calms or pacifies your child for long enough to collect your thoughts, have a wee, enjoy a warm (not even hot, just warm will do) cup of tea or complete some other mum-related vital task like put the umpteenth load of laundry in the washing machine?  In my humble opinion, no.  It is not that bad.  It’s not even BAD!

I decided I would attempt to start blogging about topics that had had some form of impact upon my motherhood experience!  I hope to start that here.

At the moment, all I have is a list of topics… these are as follows:

  1. Being the first person in your NCT group to have your baby… early!
  2. Dealing with public opinion of dummies/Pacifies/Dodies – whatever you want to call them
  3. Breastfeeding or not… dealing with judgmental people whatever your choice
  4. Ready-made, prepackaged handy bottles of formula
  5. Ready-made, prepackaged pouches/jars/bags of baby food/snacks
  6. CBeebies
  7. Jumperoos, door bouncers and other containment devices
  8. Dealing with your mum continuously saying “you’re doing so well, when I had you, I was a complete stress-head” and then stressing that you’re not stressed enough
  9. Dealing with other people’s anti-social children
  10. How not to panic when your child eats cat food
  11. Dealing with the guilt when you haven’t followed all the ‘guidelines’ from the NCT
  12. Why I’m glad I read the article entitled “things they don’t tell you about childbirth” before I gave birth
  13. How not to panic when your child eats cat food again
  14. Understanding that everybody thinks they’re doing a really crap job of being a mum
  15. Dealing with mum-guilt when returning to work
  16. Dealing with other people’s opinions about your return to work

I am sure there will be more to add to this list, but this is my ‘starting’ point!  Hopefully I will actually be able to write something worth reading, and maybe, just maybe I will be able to help another mum out there realise that it is not just her that feels/thinks this way!

So for now, this is it… perhaps you will come back, perhaps you won’t! I will be venting here in some way, shape or form… at least, that is my intention!

The Fish Finger Mum


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